Succession by Douglas Schofield


Across the world, two-and-a-half billion people sit glued to the broadcast of Princess Diana’s funeral. In Bayonne, New Jersey, surgical resident Dr. Emma Parks watches the somber proceedings over her morning coffee, then hurries to get ready for work.
Today’s shift, she expects, will be no different from any other… fixing broken bodies, one emergency at a time. But Emma couldn’t be more wrong. Today, she’ll discover a lover’s betrayal. Today she’ll save a man’s life using a procedure she was never trained for. Today she’ll receive a mysterious call from a man riding in a London taxi. And,
before the day is out, she’ll be suspended from her job.

But that’s just today…

Tomorrow, a very determined killer will try to end her life.

Emma Parks always figured her life was pretty ordinary. She’s about to discover how extraordinary it really is.

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