“My heart was racing from start to finish with no let up in sight”

I have finally found the girl of my dreams, Grace Palliser in a first rate book called Flight Risks but sadly it is fiction. A friend gave me this terrific bit of writing by Doug Schofield because I live in Victoria and the plot kicks off here, and what a start it is. Mr. Schofield plays with our emotions setting up the structure of a playful law firm drama when in fact he is about to throw us over the edge into one of the most thrilling adventures starring the aforementioned Grace. As the puzzle starts to entangle us our guiding light is this darling of protagonists who with the will of Moses refuses in the face of one horror after the other, to lie down and die. My heart was racing from start to finish with no let up in sight. If I have one criticism of the author is that he is relentless in keeping me on the edge of my seat and unable to sleep. Grace is pursued from Victoria to New Orleans to the Caymans and onto Florida by one of the great villains in recent memory, Pendergast. I was unable to sleep properly until I finished this wonderful book by this first-time author. I can only hope that Mr. Schofield will be kind enough after I replenish my sleep to gift us with another book along the lines of Flight Risks and hopefully I shall see my girl Grace Palliser again soon.

Christopher Dalton

Victoria, Canada

December 26, 2010

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