Miami Book Club: “We are fans!”

Dear Mr. Schofield:

Thank you very much for a most entertaining gift to our Book Club. “Flight Risks” a wonderful surprise and having signed copies made it special.

We lived ever so adventurously with Grace, meeting her internal demons, external foes, friends, and loves. Our heroine, with the help of several good friends, manages to overcome many difficulties. Her journey was one that kept us asking “how will she solve this one?” Grace is another example of the power of a woman!

Mr. Schofield, we are fans and have enjoyed this book, so please let us know when the next one is published.

Tete Arellano; Marili Cancio; Blanchie Cueto; Alina Fenton; Maria Elena Fernandez; Mari Gonzalez; Helen Jimenez; Gloria Martinez; Cusi Murai; Ana Oyarzun; Juanita Pesant; Maria Sanchez; Annie Sardina

November 23, 2011















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