Intriguing and absorbing, Storm Rising is a suspenseful read from start to finish.

Reading a new author is almost akin to visiting a new place. You need to adapt, familiarise and learn the groove of things. Though I’m new to author Douglas Schofield, I quickly adapt to his style of writing, drawn into the story by the gutsy characters and their suspenseful stories. Storm Rising: A Mystery by Douglas Schofield is much more than just a mystery novel. It is an exciting police procedural with supernatural elements, suspenseful and steadily paced which lovers of a tight and taut read will relish.

Storm Rising by Douglas Schofield follows the story of Lucy Hendricks, along with her son Kevin, who for over four years, has been living with her sister Erica and her husband Jeffery Barnett, and their precocious eight-year-old daughter Pauline in Florida. She had moved when she had been four months pregnant. On the surface, things seemed to be just normal for Lucy, and for some time now it has been. But life has not always been fair to Lucy. She lost her mother Giulia when she was only twelve. Less than five years ago, she was happily married and pregnant, so full of life, and excited about the future. Her husband Jack Gabriel Hendricks, her soulmate, her protector, her lifeline was an upright cop serving the community in Bayonne, New Jersey. But one fateful day, he was brutally murdered and the crime has never been solved. To add insult to injury, with his death, Jack’s reputation was in tatters with rumor flying thick and fast that he had been corrupt.

Five years on, constantly nagged by Kevin to return “home,” Lucy decided to pick up the pieces of her life and start afresh in Bayonne, New Jersey, where it all started and where she lost everything. But it was not to be easy. Storm Rising by Douglas Schofield is both real and metaphoric in the sense that Lucy and Kevin had to face both Hurricane Sandy and the people who wanted the past to stay buried as it was. Douglas Schofield’s characters and the plot he has visualized for them will keep you on the edge of your seat. The supernatural aspect of the story surrounding Kevin was interesting, and how it scared the hell out of Lucy was a realistic portrayal. Intriguing and absorbing, Storm Rising is a suspenseful read from start to finish.

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