“Flight Risks is a thoroughly absorbing read!!”

So it’s been a while since you’ve read a really great book, right? One that you can’t put down? One that keeps you up past bedtime because you just have to know what happens next? If you’re looking for such a book, Flight Risks by Douglas Schofield is the one. This reader was captured from the early pages by the quickly unfolding story. Schofield’s easy and simple style of writing brings such vividness to his characters, scenes, the action, and the suspense and does not get in the way of his story’s breakneck speed. And best of all, he skillfully ties up the entire story in the final chapter with an ending that took this reader completely by surprise. In the final chapter, Schofield returns to a detail that initially seems trivial but the significance of which ties up one more loose thread in a stunning and satisfying manner. Flight Risks is a thoroughly absorbing read!!

Tom Kovacs

Toronto, Canada

January 6, 2011

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