killing pace

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In Killing Pace, Douglas Schofield, author of Time of Departure and Storm Rising, delivers a heart-pounding tale set in Everglades City, Florida, and Sicily, Italy, with three important questions:Where am I?... How did I get here?... and most importantly… Who am I?

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Succession Book

Across the world..

two-and-a-half billion people sit glued to the broadcast of Princess Diana’s funeral. In Bayonne, New Jersey, surgical resident Dr. Emma Parks watches the somber proceedings over her morning coffee, then hurries to get ready for work. Read More

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Flight Risks Book

She took a deep breath..

and stepped into the open. Quickly, she mounted the steps to the gantry. She started across.

If it weren’t for a length of inch-thick steel pipe, Grace wouldn’t have heard the shot that erupted from the trees on the west rim of the canyon. As it was, she didn’t actually hear the silenced gunshot – only the sound of the heavy slug as it whined off the handrail next to her, missing her by millimetres. Read More

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Douglas Schofeild

Douglas Schofield was raised and educated in British Columbia, where he earned degrees in History and Law. Over the past three decades, he has worked as a trial lawyer in Canada, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. During those years, he has prosecuted and defended hundreds of cases of murder, sexual assault and other serious crimes. In 2013, after nine years as Assistant Solicitor General in the Cayman Islands Government, Douglas returned to private practice.

Douglas and his wife Melody live on Grand Cayman, along with their most excellent and amazing talking cat, Juno, who kindly permits them to share his home.

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