Killing Pace: A Mystery
Douglas Schofield
Storm Rising
Douglas Schofield
Time of Departure
Douglas Schofield

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Killing Pace

Killing Pace

Douglas Schofield

In Killing Pace, Douglas Schofield, author of Time of Departure and Storm Rising, delivers a heart-pounding tale set in Everglades City, Florida, and Sicily, Italy, with three important questions:Where am I?… How did I get here?… and most importantly… Who am I?

Author: Douglas Schofield

About Douglas

about douglas

Douglas Schofield was raised and educated in British Columbia, where he earned degrees in History and Law. Over the past three decades, he has worked as a trial lawyer in Canada, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. During those years, he has prosecuted and defended hundreds of cases of murder, sexual assault and other serious crimes. In 2013, after nine years as Assistant Solicitor General in the Cayman Islands Government, Douglas returned to private practice. Douglas and his wife Melody live on Grand Cayman…..


By Douglas Schofield


A whirlwind ride!
A whirlwind ride!Publishers Weekly review of Storm Rising
A dash of the paranormal spices this exciting crime novel from Schofield (Time of Departure). Readers will gladly suspend disbelief as Schofield takes them on a whirlwind ride.
Schofield is a fearless storyteller
Schofield is a fearless storytellerMystery Scene Magazine review of Storm Rising
Mystery Scene Magazine review of Storm Rising “You might at first assume that Douglas Schofield has little chance of pulling off his attempt at melding a detective thriller with the fantastic, but you’d be wrong—he does so with great skill, and yes, bravado . . . Schofield is a fearless storyteller, who seems to have an instinctual understanding of how to get readers to turn to the next page.”
Time of Departure review by James Renner
Time of Departure review by James RennerThe Man From Primrose Lane and It Came From Ohio
If Michael Connelly and Audrey Niffenegger collaborated on a story and then sent it into the past to be edited by Rod Serling, that novel would be Time of Departure. A hard-boiled detective thriller with a dash of fantasy, Time of Departure is a clever read. Daring, even. It risks angering readers who thought they knew what they were in for, only to be derailed at the turn. But the brave souls who venture on will not be disappointed. I read the last 100 pages in a blur of words just to find out how it all came together and ...
A five-star rating for Time of Departure
A five-star rating for Time of DepartureNancy McFarlane
A five-star rating!Wow! What a great book and what a surprise. I was hooked from the beginning by the story of young, state prosecutor Claire Talbot who is the newly appointed felony division chief. She is tough as nails and has to prove herself daily to many old school cops. It didn’t help at all when a newly discovered grave linked back to crimes which occurred thirty years earlier and when a mysterious ex-cop who worked the original cases suddenly appeared to help her. Mid-way through the book I began to realize that all was not as it seemed but ...
Les Standiford
Les StandifordBone Key and Water to the Angels
Douglas Schofield’s Time of Departure is the fictional equivalent of a carefully crafted set of Chinese boxes, with a gripping police procedural nested within an engaging character study, enveloped by an overarching narrative that grapples with this world’s essential questions. The investigation undertaken by driven state’s attorney Claire Talbot takes readers to chilling, uncharted territory and reminds us that “whodunit” is seldom as compelling a matter as why certain tragedies occur in the first place.